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Seeding : Grass and flowers.

  • Seed mix conform to the project specification

  • Germination time as the seeds used

  • Technique for application vary bases on the access to the site

  • Can be seeded at all time including late fall just before the first snow

  • Technical data on request

  • Large varieties of seed

  • Various wild flowers


  • Growth Accelerator, if necessary (Mycorrhizae).

  • Hydraulic mulch approved and adapted to work.

  • Wood fiber.

  • Fibre de cellulose.

  • B.F.M Bonded Fiber Matrix.

  • Sprays of vegetable nature

  • Erosion control blankets

  • Fertilizer


  • Soil analysis

  • Inhibits soil erosion

  • Arid land restoration


  • Roadsides

  • Talus, ditch

  • Paths promoters

  • Municipal works

  • Industrial sites

  • Mining sites

  • Parks, golf courses

  • Berges

  • Cemeteries

  • Etc

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Seeding : Grass and flowers.

  • Large seed varieties, diverse wildflowers

  • Growth Accelerator, if necessary (Mycorrhizae)

  • Hydraulic mulch approved and adapted to work

  • Wood fiber

  • Cellulose fiber

  • B.F.M Bonded Fiber Matrix

  • Sprays of vegetable nature

  • Fertilizer


A lawn as nice as sod/turf but at a cheaper cost, in a more ecologic manner and quicker than using seed.

Germination delay.

2 to 3 weeks, depending on the seed mix used.


  • Economic, cheaper than sod

  • Resistant to drought and diseases

  • Requires less water than sod to settle

  • Ecological solution for your projects

  • Biodegradable

  • Promote root growth

  • The mulch retains soil moisture in favor of rapid germination

  • Offers excellent protection against surface leaching

  • It is possible to use mixtures adapted to the environment